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But now I spend my days in ever-increasingly complicated ways
Convincing myself of the rightness of each word I say
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Hey you guys!

Most of you may not be aware that I'm currently studying for a Masters degree at Raindance Film School
to become a TV comedy series producer.

You can see the seeds of ambition in the first development read through for Fly By Night, which was
originally conceived as a web series starring myself and Andy Knifton.

Six years of development later, it has now evolved into a proper epic comedy series, the scripts for
which I'll be finishing off over the next couple of months.

It all started here, on LiveJournal, the cradle of everything that is good and wholly awesome.  [FORMERLY PRIVATE POST IS PUBLIC]

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It was like, the future, and everybody was plugged into this social network thing, it was like the Matrix, except the people weren't batteries - the machines were using them to sell advertising space and figure out what people "like".

Weird one.

Still, it could never happen in real life, could it?
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Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere

No one really gives a fuck about this, and actually it would be better if I didn't mention it. 
But I am going to mention it because I've started now, and I disagree with those people.
The band I'm wearing on my wrist in this photo says S.O.P.H.I.E, which is in memory of Sophie Lancaster, a Goth girl who was killed because of the way she looked. It stands for "Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred, and Intolerance Everywhere".
They made a charity in her name, and I offered to fight for them and give them any money I raised from ticket sales (which is not much, fighting on a John Rooney promotion, by the way). 
But they said no, and that even if I made thousands of pounds, they wouldn't take my money, because it comes from boxing.
Because boxing is violence. And violence begets violence and violence is why Sophie Lancaster is dead now. 
And I respect that. And I feel that in my heart, they are probably right. But I disagree with it. 
And I know that even if her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, had been a WBC boxing champion or a UFC cage fighting champion or a shaolin kung-fu master, he still would have lost in a fight against five or more guys.
I know all this, but I still think that we, as in, we who are not as others, we who don't fit in, we who go against the grain, we who don't follow the standard template, need to be strong and defend ourselves.
And I feel so angry that this even happened at all, and so sad, that I *have* to do SOMETHING about it. And what else am I going to do? Go teach in schools? Make a puppet show? A writing contest? Unlikely.
 So when I box I wear the S.O.P.H.I.E bands - against the will of even her surviving family - because I disagree, and that's not a popular decison, or even maybe the right thing to do, but that's who I am. I'm never popular. I'm never right. But I'm still here, and I know you all would wish I would GO AWAY. But I DISAGREE. And that's what she did.
So I won't go away. I didn't know her, and I wouldn't presume to know what she would have wanted or would say or would do. But I DISAGREE, because I'd hate to give you, or them, the satisfaction of being conventionally right. Because satisfaction leads to boredom. And boredom is the end of civilisation.
There are tears coming from my eyes now. And I am not ashamed for you all to know that.

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BBC HQ, White City:  Assistant deputy story editor Stephen Moffat has confirmed that he will be taking over as head of Alias : Season XXXIII from show creator Russell T. Davies after the initial season opening.

Speaking to us at TV centre earlier this week, Moffet said : "We were experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction from viewers with the direction the show was going, particularly with the unsatisfying conclusion of the Violet Starr storyline [the popular Season 32 companion character Violet Starr, played by Emily Riddy, was abruptly written out of the show following her departure due to scheduling commitments] and basically it all got a bit introspective and frankly, dull. We tried to get a bit of action going on for the finale, particularly by adding several fight scenes to the last few episodes, you know, just get some balls back into the thing. I must say though, I really think we could have done better. I cringe when I watch some of those episodes. Russell basically turned the whole thing into one big snivelling sentimental mess."

The previous series, which received some of the lowest ratings for the show in recent years, ended on a cliffhanger which featured an epic cliffhanger fight sequence, the outcome of which was not completely clear. A regeneration scene was not shown, and there were doubts as to whether the show would be picked up for another season - which has led to speculation as to whether any of the previous cast will be returning.

"Basically we've had to reboot the franchise. I mean, don't get me wrong - Russell did a great job of getting the show back in the public eye, and making it a viable commercial franchise again, but we've had to have a good think about where we're going with the storylines, and what we want to do with the show. I can confirm we'll be introducing a new Alias after the regeneration in the first episode. Obviously Emily is working on new projects but she may pop by to reprise her role from time to time, but we don't forsee that as being a major part of the new show - the romance between the characters was initially very popular but once the whole "alternate dimension timelocking portal" storyline played out it all got a bit much. We'd pretty much ploughed that narrative furrow as much as could, and as usual Russell had to overdo the sentimental emotional wallowing. We've fired all those writers, hired a largely new cast and we're taking the show in a fresh, new direction which is darker, and more true to it's original, low-budget saturday night roots. We're aiming for a wider audience than just the hardcore fanbase, so we'll be adding more action sequences and probably spending less time in the TARDIS [although rumours of a full size boxing ring on the new set have been confirmed, which may upset purists - ed]. We'll also be introducing a new companion - a recurring character with indeterminate sexual preference, played by  Scott Deathboy.  The show is also said to contain more fight scenes, car chases and fewer, (if any), broadway show tunes. Longtime series veteran Sophie Banyard will be reprising her role as main TARDIS companion Sophia Landi.

"We've got a great new actor to play Alias and we've assembled a great team of writers for the show, who are really keen to get some snappy dialogue and compelling storylines out there, and yes, I can confirm that the new Alias will be Irish. He'll be played by actor Sean Donerghty, whose previous credits include walk-on roles in Casualty and Emmerdale."

A casting desision bound to create a degree of controversy among fans, the internet is rife with speculation as to what this will mean for the show, as the character had been increasingly identified as being from London. Moffett declined to elaborate on how this will work, especially given the previous storyline of the destruction and "time locking" of the Irish (as seen in the episodes "Genesis of the Irish", "Planet of the Irish" and "Irish: Invasion Earth". However,  he has assured fans that the storyline will make sense and that the Irish will indeed return for the season finale. He refused to be drawn on wether they will remain in the series or if this will be a one-off appearance, but he has hinted that classic villains The Weakeners will be making their triumphant return once again.

"Alias without Weakeners would be like Wimbledon without strawberries, or date rape without royhypnol", quipped Moffet, although he remains coy on the extent of their involvement in the new series. "We'll be seeing a lot of old faces, and some exciting new ones too!"

The regeneration scene (a plot device unique to the series which involves a reinvention of the character, generally accompanied by the departure of the lead actor), was filmed secretly earlier this year. Regeneration has always been a subject of much debate among fans. Probably most notable was the controversial season eight regeneration, which was not shown and left many viewers confused (the actor playing Alias did not return due to contractual disputes and was unable to return to film the regeneration scene due to scheduling conflicts). Subsequent actors have since had an obligation to film the sequence written into their contracts, although the staging and duration often varies.

Alias™ : Season XXXIII airs on BBC One, June 25th at 7.30pm, except for viewers in Scotland, who can catch it on thursday afternoons at 5.15pm, because we hate them.

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I've come to post on you again.
Something something something sleeping
Something something something weeping
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